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The Template Ceremonies : A Community “Watch Party” To Reconnect

Fri, June 12, 2020 (4:15 pm - 6:15 pm)


Support your consciousness evolution with this community watch party of The Template Ceremonies (C1 Original Innocence, C2 Sacred Marriage, C3, Sacred Breath) to reconnect your human bio-circuitry for sovereignty and empowerment. These ceremonies are to be experienced consecutively which brings powerful energetic shifts and for higher truths to arise from within. This is a powerful tool to promote inner harmony. 

The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence. It reconnects electromagnetic bio-circuits through resonance with sacred geometry and coded ceremonies, reintegrating the structure and strength of the Human light body. The changes from the ceremonies are as variable as humans themselves because the Ceremonies meet you on every level of your being in your personal evolutionary process. Although everyone experiences something different, some common denominators including the return of personal power, feeling more centered, change in relationships, change in addiction pattern, and more clarity and focus. These ceremonies are to be experienced consecutively. 

Over 3 consecutive weeks, we will experience these ceremonies captured in video form and process in the community as we learn to embrace truth arises from within. 

Original Innocence | Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Ether

The first ceremony starts the healing journey and establishes the emotional foundation on which to build our conscious evolution. The circuits form a template of receptors in our body that specifically respond to the 5 Elements : Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Ether. During the session, the functions of the 12 basic circuits – including the Thymus, Third Eye, Auric, Earth, Solar Plexus & Heart will be reconnected.

Sacred Geometry | ‘Form is the shape of consciousness’

In this ceremony, pathways of electro-magnetic life force are reinstated at both ends of the pranic tube – the occiput and the coccyx – reconnecting the 13th Circuit. This Ceremony revisits the 5 Elements at a deeper level, in their ultra-organized geometric coherence. 22 basic Sacred Geometry 3D shapes are used to realign our being by providing the resonant frequencies of the higher physics of creation, reawakening the life mandate beyond the reach of genetic manipulation. The alchemy of the male and female electro-magnetic potencies activates and integrates the creative impulse into form.

The 6th Element | Stellar Radiance

The Sacred Breath Ceremony reconnects 7 respiratory circuits including the Lungs, the Umbilical and the Fontanelle through our natural resonance with stellar geometry, the ‘language of light’. The reconnection of these circuits enables the pranic system to absorb the full spectrum of prana when we breathe. Breath is life.


Glendy YeungDANCER

Glendy Yeung is an energy healer and sound practitioner based in New York City. Using a holistic approach to well-being with the transformative power of vibrations, every experience with Glendy is an opportunity to access meditative state, deep relaxation, physical/mental/emotional/spiritual rejuvenation, and inner wisdom for soul growth. Her immersive healing experiences allow participants to access to clarity, focus, resilience in mind, body, and spirit. Glendy started her journey of The Template Ceremonies since2013 and has completed all 16 ceremonies in person with Jiva and Juliet Carter, the architect and quantum poet of the Template. She is inspired to share this next-level spiritual technology to bring light – geometry as consciousness in form – to create the opportunities for those called to do this work to reconnect bio-circuitry and activate our original human blueprint to experience higher truth with community support. 

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