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Immunity Booster with Ron Damico

Mon, June 22, 2020 (4:30 pm - 6:00 pm)


The Next Level of Health and Wellbeing

With the continuing escalation of stress, that humanity is being exposed to, your body is being asked to support unprecedented forms of overwhelm in all areas of life. The stressors of the pandemic, overwhelming social injustice, along with the mass infusion of the manipulation of truth, our bodies are being subjected to stresses that are beyond anything humanity has experienced before. It is becoming essential to develop a more evolved understanding and relationship with what we call the human immune system to navigate these changing tides.

Within this Core Matrix, Ron will be energetically supporting you in taking a quantum leap to the next level of human potential. He will be awakening and infusing you with the essence of the Human Immune System. Ron will be going into great detail describing what this is and what it means to you and the direction of humanity as we step into the active living of The New Human Consciousness. He will be aligning your current state of immune operations to a more significant state of efficiency and effectiveness, adjusting your holographic blueprint, energy systems, DNA, and genetic makeup. Thereby creating a foundation for a more natural evolutionary process of moving from the old biological experience to the new. All of this is centering around clearing all forms of limitations from old paradigm dynamics, and your personal history, while guiding you into your next higher state of how you live your life.


Ron Damico is a Transformational Catalyst, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Guide, helping each of his clients to release long-held energetic blockages that interfere with their ability to live the life they truly want to live. In this Ron is a highly skilled mentor and teacher who facilitates healing by guiding his clients through their own unique process, helping them to awaken their innate spirit, in turn tapping into the limitless power and potential of the Source energy that transforms their life.

Ron is sincere and compassionate and using his gift of intuitive insight, together with his unique form of energetic healing, to help you resolve even the most complex life experience. This means you will free yourself from past trauma, refocus your energies, and step into your fullest potential.

Ron Damico has helped people from all walks of life and backgrounds to heal over three decades. He assists his clients in meeting life challenges with strength and courage. He creates a safe and supportive environment for transformation, and he holds a sacred space for you while guiding you through the process of removing the obstacles that are impeding your life.

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Monday, June 22, 2020

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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