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Global Phoenix Rising – The Awakening of True Human Potential

Tue, June 2, 2020 (4:30 pm - 5:30 pm)


Humanity has been on a trajectory of awakening since the beginning of our existence, searching for purpose and meaning every step of the way. We have soared and crashed, triumphed and failed, but through it all we have rarely grown beyond the basics of survival and power over our environment and each other. As all life does, we innately walk the path of change, one direction or another. Eventually our spirit will prevail, as it is our spirit that is the fabric of all existence.

We are no longer searching for change, we have turned the corner to the ignited will of total transformation. This pandemic has pushed human will and conscious over the edge to begin the path of total transformation. It is no longer if we will change, it is how long will the transition take. Will we surrender to the highest truth of who we are and becoming or will we resist? No matter what path we choose it all leads to the same place, human evolution and awakening.

Ron is a Transformational Catalyst, Holographic Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide, and an Architect for New Human Consciousness. He is a master mentor, teacher, and way shower who has been guiding people from all walks of life and backgrounds through the healing process for nearly two decades. Let his life’s awakening guide you into the next stage of your personal awakening and healing.

During Ron’s Global Transformation program he will help you tap into the limitless power and potential of Source energy, so you can address the obstacles impeding your life, free yourself from past trauma, refocus your energies, and step into your fullest potential. Working with Ron in his group healings will help you to release long-held energetic and physical blockages that interfere with your ability to live a balanced, healthy life.


Ron Damico is a Transformational Catalyst, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Guide, helping each of his clients to release long-held energetic blockages that interfere with their ability to live the life they truly want to live. In this Ron is a highly skilled mentor and teacher who facilitates healing by guiding his clients through their own unique process, helping them to awaken their innate spirit, in turn tapping into the limitless power and potential of the Source energy that transforms their life.

Ron is sincere and compassionate and using his gift of intuitive insight, together with his unique form of energetic healing, to help you resolve even the most complex life experience. This means you will free yourself from past trauma, refocus your energies, and step into your fullest potential.

Ron Damico has helped people from all walks of life and backgrounds to heal over three decades. He assists his clients in meeting life challenges with strength and courage. He creates a safe and supportive environment for transformation, and he holds a sacred space for you while guiding you through the process of removing the obstacles that are impeding your life.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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